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1. Is free?
2. How do I register?
3. If I don't have an e-mail address, can I use
4. What should I do if I forget password or username?
5. If I have already registered,how could I amend my e-mail address and other user information?
6. How will I release my personal information?
7. Why do I still have no reply after sending my resume to some companies several days?
    Did the company receive my resume?
8、I have finished registering my resume, but why can't I send my resume to the employers immediately?
9. Do I need to register again if my personal information has not been certified?
10. How do you keep my personal information in security? Can anyone view my entire resume?
11. I found many suitable positions in the data base, how do I know whether they are available or not?
12. Are only members entitled to enjoy this service?
13. Which kind of resume may not pass certification?
14. Will I lose what I filled in if I get disconnected while filling the resume?
15. How would I search my favorite job position?
16. What can I do with my resume?
17. If I’ve only got one resume, can I only use it for one company?
18. Why can't I find a suitable job since I've been looking for it a long time?
19. Why can't I upload picture?
20. There are some mistakes in my resume,how could I amend them?
21. Do the companies registered on the website really exist?
       Any possibilities for non-existent companies or pyramid selling companies?
22. I amend my personal CV after I send it to employers,can employers receive the CV I amended?
23. How to contact you if I have other questions?

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